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Kim West

Madelyn Pennington - Intern

I am passionate about helping individuals, couples, and families who are hurting and feel like they are stuck. Therapy can bring healing and hope into people’s lives, and equip them with the tools they need to overcome the obstacles that are inevitable in this life.

Through therapeutic training and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I hope that I can be a trustworthy space for my clients and allow them to open up and feel safe. Therapy is powerful, but God is abundantly more powerful and He can use therapy to restore people’s relationships, self-image, and life.

I have had the opportunity to work with kids and adolescents in ministry and school settings, and am excited to begin to work with people clinically as well. I am thankful to get the chance to be a vessel for the Lord in this way and bring hope to His children!

Some things I work with: Anxiety

Eating disorders

Grief and loss


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