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Schedule with a counselor with this link:

Or text the phone number on the counselor's page 
Who we help:
We help regular people, just like you. A big myth about counseling is that it is just for people who are really messed up. While we do work with people whose lives are falling apart around them, we also work with people who are functioning but looking to make smaller changes or pursue personal growth. 
Who we are:
We are licensed mental health providers. We integrate the tools and techniques that come with our training with a Christian worldview. Our clients determine the role that spirituality plays in the counseling process.  
How to get started:
Click on the "Connect with us" tab on the top of this page and reach out. The hardest part is usually setting up that first appointment. You should know pretty quick if we are the right fit for you. If you walk out of the first appointment and don't feel good about it, we can help you find another counselor that you feel more comfortable with. 
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